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Evening dress
Callot Soeurs (French, active 1895–1937), 1925–26, French, cotton, silk, plastic & glass. | THE MET

livrosdamanananaHansel and Gretel, Derek Stratton

these really great videos by jude pullen demonstrate techniques for modeling with cardboard.  awesome and super helpful.


BIOSHOCK INFINITE! Excited but ohhhhh so so nervous about it. Gender roles and stock main character aside- worried about the copy paste similarities from the first but we’ll see I guess! + v + I wont beat it down too much until I get my hands on it + H + Way more excited than apprehensive. GET IN MY LIFE.  not soon enough.

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Exotic Necktie Knots

Ready to level up your Necktie game? Agree or Die has guided video instructionals on how to tie a fancier necktie, guaranteed to blow minds as it defies standard necktie physics.  Check out the videos at the links below:

1) agreeordie: Eldredge Knot

2) agreeordie: Trinity Knot

3) agreeordie: Cape Necktie Knot

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The child I babysit sometimes is 5 years old. Last time I went to take care of him I noticed he has this awesome painting of the moon in his bedroom. He told me his mothers friend painted it. After he told me the artists name he then explained to me “She used to be a boy but she didn’t feel good so now she just takes medicine and it helps her to be a girl. She feels better” 

It’s literally that easy to explain it to kids. 

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Though many would say this horse has been infected with Babygoats, modern biologists have come to understand that the relationship is symbiotic. The Babygoats will eat the grubs and insects from the horses fur, keeping it clean while gaining sustenance from those same bugs which comprise the Babygoat diet.

If the Babygoat is atop the horse when it levels up, it will become a Billygoat, if it’s off-horse at the time it will evolve into a Mountaingoat.

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really-shitIntroducing Lego New York!

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